How to Boost the Internet in Rural Areas

Whether you live in the country, you’re a big traveler, or you’re a digital nomad always on the go, you have likely run across some spotty internet service in rural areas. You can try using your phone for mobile hotspot internet, but often, wireless rural internet service is unreliable so you won’t get a strong signal. What can you do? We have a few suggestions on how to boost your hotspot and enhance your mobile signal so that you can have reliable internet service, even if the cellular coverage is weak.

In the city, there are Wi-Fi hotspots in most public spaces. However, if you are looking for wireless rural internet, it can be harder to find. If you have a smartphone or router, though, you can set up your own hotspot, providing you with private Wi-Fi. Even if there is no cellular access, a Wi-Fi enabled hotspot can connect multiple devices to the internet. The best part is that with private Wi-Fi, you have control over the devices allowed to access your hotspot.

Sometimes, however, your hotspot will run too slowly. It could be that your device is too far away from the hotspot, (within 15 feet the signal will be strongest) or it could be that you are connected to a cell tower that is too far away. If that is the case you will want to place your hotspot as close to the direction of the nearest cell tower as possible. Placing the hotspot next to a window may also help, because materials like concrete and brick can obstruct your signal. Another possibility is that you might have too many devices connected to your hotspot, and this could be slowing your internet.

If none of these troubleshooting measures fix the problem, you might need a hotspot booster. This is a device that can take a faint cellular signal and amplify it, making it as much as 32 times stronger than it would be without the booster. A booster works using an outside antenna to pull in even weak cell signals, an amplifier to boost the signal, and an inside antenna to distribute the signal. This can allow you to have reliable internet service, even in rural areas without strong cell signals.

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