Common Myths About Living Full-Time in an RV Debunked

Sick and tired of waking up every morning to see the same old view outside your kitchen window? Wishing you could stop paying rent on the first of every month? The full-time RV travel and road life might be for you!

Myth #1. “Living in an RV is Expensive.”

Because the expenses associated with an RV can be high, many people believe the RV life is cost prohibitive. However, by giving up your home, you could actually save a lot of money. Since the housing market is up, now is a good time to consider selling your home.  By living in an RV, you’ll no longer have to worry about renovation costs, licenses, and repairs if you’re a homeowner. You also won’t have to worry about rent, maintenance, and cleaning fees if you’re a renter. You’ll have to deal with other expenses like gas and RV repairs/maintenance, but the switch could save you a lot of money–especially if you live somewhere with a higher cost of living.

Myth #2 Freedom to Travel to and Stay at Any Place You’d like

In theory, the RV life should mean the freedom to travel and stay anywhere. However, many people don’t factor in that you’ll need permits to stay at certain RV parks. The cost of an overnight pass can be anywhere from $25 to $200 a night. And if you’re going to stop and sleep in the middle of nowhere, you need to be sure you lock up and stay safe! Double check that you’re following the appropriate guidelines when parking since fines and consequences associated with trespassing can be both annoying and expensive.

Not to worry, though! There are places you can park your RV for free including some casinos, some parks, most large stores, and truck stops. But if you aren’t sure, always check. You can quickly rack up hefty fines by parking somewhere illegally.

Myth #3 RVs are only for short term vacations

Over a million Americans live full time in RVs, and that number is only growing. The pandemic contributed to this by changing the way that people look at life. Remote job opportunities have skyrocketed, and the housing market has changed. Many people want to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. These are just some of the reasons people are choosing to pack up their belongings and try life on the road.  

RV life allows you to explore nature, visit new places and experience life at a slower pace. You can enjoy a different view and even different weather every week, visit family members that have moved away, and work from wherever you are. Many people have even claimed that living in an RV has relieved them of stress and helped them improve their mental well-being since the pandemic.

Myth #4 You can’t work on the road/ RVs are only for retired old people

With the recent pandemic causing 70% of full-time workers to transition to working from home, the workforce has changed significantly. Many people decided they didn’t want to go back to the office even once it was safe to do so, and companies adapted. Most offices allowed their workers to continue working from home, while others adopted a hybrid model. Entrepreneurship also skyrocketed, with many getting creative and starting their own businesses.

But does working from home slow productivity? Mercer, an HR and workplace benefits consulting firm surveyed 800 employers at the end of 2020.  Of those employers, 94% stated that work productivity was the same or higher since their employees started working from home. This is likely due to several factors. Many people report that they are happier and more peaceful working from the comfort of their own homes versus the office. Others say they have a better work-life balance and are able to exercise easier, make healthier food choices, and get into a solid routine. Companies that offer remote positions even find they have significantly higher job satisfaction from their workers which lowers employee turnover.

Myth #5 Life in an RVs is cramped and uncomfortable

You wouldn’t believe how luxurious some of the brand new motorhomes are. They come fully equipped with residential appliances, including full baths, beautiful furniture, large closets, and gorgeous entertainment spaces.

Some of these RVs cost as much as a nice home. For example, the 2018 Thor Motor Coach Tuscany costs around $330,000 but when you step inside you’ll immediately see why. It feels and looks like a mansion on wheels at 44 feet long and is equipped with three slides. It has a gorgeous living room with theater seats and plush sofas facing a retractable 55 inch LED smart tv mounted over a crackling fireplace.

You’ll find 4 other TVs in this beautiful RV, solar charging with a Bluetooth controller, a keyless entry system, and a 2800w inverter with 6 house batteries. The kitchen is beautifully laid out with a stainless steel fridge, an electric induction cooktop, a full set of cabinets and drawers, and a dishwasher.  In the back, you’ll find a plush bedroom and a luxurious bathroom including a full sized shower with glass doors.

As you can see, there are RVs to fit all lifestyles from budget friendly to the pinnacle of luxury. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort and enjoyment just because you live in an RV! Not to mention, you’ll constantly get to experience new views as you travel!

Myth #6 RV Life means No Internet

Many people think that transitioning to RV life full time means giving up their internet. This is entirely not the case thanks to Trifecta Wireless!  One of our RV customers, Harper, mentioned in a review that Trifecta has worked wonderfully for her family who lives full time in an RV.  She said “Great resource for full time RVers looking for unlimited unthrottled nationwide internet service. Good pricing but SUPERIOR customer service. Worth every penny!”

Staying Connected
Here at Trifecta, we have optimized 4G mobile routers you can use while traveling. If you get cell coverage in your location, we can cover you with America’s largest cellular networks. Get a free tower analysis survey on our website to learn more today. If we’re a good option for you, sign up or inquire about our unlimited high-speed internet options for rural areas by contacting our team. We are happy to provide you with a reliable connection wherever your adventures take you!